Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 1/Steve Belale

Before walking into the Gap, the first thing that stood out to me was the window displays, mannequins positioned with a poster behind them featuring the very same pieces of clothing the models wore. I like this form of reinforcement. It pulls you in for a closer look, maybe to find the piece of clothing on the mannequin on the actual poster and vice versa.

The layout of the Gap seems pretty simple and straight forward but taking a closer look reveals several layers of display. Shelves that overlap each other, each layer holding different articles of clothing, wall shelves under wall shelves on top of a hook rack to hang hangers and so forth. The Gap really utilizes the space they have.

Probably the most beneficial method of display is the hanging of the posters. Also, I overheard a worker telling another worker who was fixing the lighting say, “First the marketing then the mannequins.” Focus on lighting is also important...

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