Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 6 - Mauk Feild Trip /// Sean Fridman

I enjoyed our trip to Mauk design. Seeing an actual exhibit design firm and talking to an actual exhibit designer, perhaps not surprisingly, gave me a greater understanding of exhibit design. One thing I came away with from the trip was an improved understanding of budget. Learning that Mauk can use $50,000 in a space considerably smaller than ours made clear to me the necessity of utilizing clever thriftiness in creating Stream. Also, it sort of levelled my imagination closer to reality in regards to a truer appreciation of our budget and what can and cannot be done therein.

It was interesting to see the abundance of sketch models lying around the Mauk office. This helped me understand the importance of concrete visualization. No matter how sound a concept is in your head, you can’t know exactly how it stands up to the complications of reality without seeing it in reality.

Additionally, I like Mauk’s focus on motion. Designers are often focused on XYZ and forget that there are other, highly effective dimensions that they can incorporate into their designs. I think the use of motion is a great idea for Stream.

Having said that, I would also like to assert that Mitchell Mauk is a funny guy. He’s all designy looking and funny and whatnot. Cool guy.

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