Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tagline 2-22-09

Hi all, I know I am the teacher etc. etc. but I thought of a tagline, a word actually: "current", that might play nicely with the word stream. So, "design current" or "creative current". Did a sketch just to see the context of the type. Please do think of more, better, catchy, etc. For the logo, I think playing with the "S" has a lot of potential, looks like a mirror of "2", but should not be a gimmick. -- I changed the header image of the blog, got tired of mathematica...


  1. i also thought about the mirror image of "s" and "2".
    i think it can be a really catchy logo and turn into a solid single streaming line image.
    btw, i like the first two header image a lot.

  2. i <3 "design current" and "creative current" they are both great tag lines! ^_^

  3. I actually like 'creative current' better, I feel like that's partially what sets SFstate apart from other schools when it comes to design, our school focuses more on the creative aspect of design rather than strictly focusing on the design process

  4. I really enjoy "stream20 creative current" I believe this title and tagline gather all the elements we wanted.

  5. I like it, but I think using the word "current" might be pushing us towards a lop-sided interpretation of stream. I feel like "current" only highlights one of stream's many meanings. I think it'd be nice to interpret stream more openly, and that doing so might give us more freedom in creating the exhibit. One idea I had was to use the term "fluent design".

    Creative current looks and sounds good, though. I just wanted to play devil's advocate.