Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project 5 - Exhibit Mood Board -LEo Zhao

The first example board is about the exhibition in general. Modern and elegant should also be a huge consideration for me. Clean and neat details can always caught people’s attention.
How to use the space wisely is important as well. Since the space itself is not a rectangular shaped room, it will be nice if can leave the center space open in some way and display the things around the center. In that way, people won’t be distracted by the uneven walls.
The second board is about our show. The show should definitely create some motion since our name and theme is stream. Therefore, if we can generate some kind of flow or make the whole show flowing, it will be awesome. The structure should have some kind curve because our name is stream. Also I have chosen some hanging pictures. That's my direction about how to hang the posters and stuff like that. The color is kind blueish because it can create this cool and stream feeling.
I believe our exhibition design should have a feeling, a mood, or a theme. It should be kind personalized in some way. When people go into the show, they will be surprised by the displays and the show itself. It is not going to be like “oh, it is just another exhibition.” Personally, I have the strong feeling that we should able to built some piece symbolize our class. I mean we should build one piece just for our class. It is like a sign for our class because the show is not only about all the DAI student works but also our class.

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