Saturday, February 14, 2009

Notes from Pino 02-14-2009

Hi all,

Misc. notes for the week. Please read all, I know I had said no more long emails, well... this a post ;-)

Valentine's Day wiki
First of all congrats and thank you for the great work. That was impressive and I am very confident that the exhibit will be a success!

Team workspace temporary wiki
I created a new wiki that can be used by the three groups until we get the google site running smoothly. It's a the top of the page in iLearn. I created three new groups, however this time you will be able to see the each other's group work. btw don't freak out if you don't see the valentine's wiki anymore. I had deleted the old groups and somehow the work inside that wiki is gone. I can still see the files in my files directory but all the links are gone. I asked iLearn to see if they can restore them. I did view all the files and graded the assignment. Use the new groups if you use the new wiki.

Project 3b: logo design
I incorrectly announced that the deadline was Tuesday, Feb. 17. It is in fact Thursday, Feb. 19.
I also added a folder with all the handouts in one place (towards the top).

Late work and grades
Please go to iLearn and check your grades for the past three assignments.
• Some of you are missing assignments.
• See late work policy in the syllabus.
• Many of you did not send me a link to their blog posts. Remember that's 20% of the grade, please post and send me the link so I can add back the 2 points. Check the feedback on your grade to see if you need to send me the link. I did not deduct points from the first assignment: Stonestown.

Google site
I will be sending an invitation to "contribute" to a google website which will be our "master wiki" for the project. When you receive the email, please follow the instructions to access the site. If you are not able to access the site, email me back by replying to the invitation email and explain the problem.
Possible problems might include the need for a google account or gmail account. While we figure out these problems, please do get a gmail account so that we can all work together on that platform. So...

Gmail account
Get a gmail account if you don't already have one. When you have one, go to the contacts spreadsheet and include it there (I added a gmail column).

Website (PR) design
Go to the spreadsheet and add an X to the web column if you are interested in working with the website team.

SFSU login error message
I am not sure why that happened. Let me know if you could not access the files and I will try to re-invite you using the gmail accounts.

Mauk Design field trip
Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 3pm. We will meet directly there. If you are able to access the google website, I have made a form where people can figure out a car pool. The address is:

Mauk Design
330 Fell Street
San Francisco CA 94102
415 243.9277

Excellent 5-minute video on wikis
YOU MUST see this video to learn the NEW way of working with the web. I am a student too. Below the video there are other links to similar topics. Most videos have subtitles.

Keep sending me links to your designs when you post them.

See you all at Mauk Design.


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