Wednesday, February 25, 2009

project 5: exhibit mood board by marion g.

The exhibits (1-7) selected for my mood board had parts and apparatuses that were significant in determining how we could build our own by substituting electrical lighting, structural, and graphical characteristics to achieve the visual effects.

1. This exhibit has a space frame display with a lot of potential in designing our own entrance to the exhibit. It has no walls on the sides and back and is good for conserving materials. It has a modern appeal that will give observers a clean view of whets being displayed. The picture at the rear of the frame allows the viewer to see it with less distraction.
7. These computer monitors used in front and large picture in the center can be inexpensive to make using paper. Plastics and paper can be used to substitute screens or graphical pics and they will serve the same purpose and give observers the same effect.

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