Monday, February 23, 2009

project 6: Mauk Design by marion goldsmith

Mauk Design: Observations

The trip to Mauk Design was very insightful, and owner Mitchell gave us some innovative ideas of how to make our own exhibit with limited resources. Most of the projects on display were graphic design based, but his philosophy was “a really good designer should be able to design anything.” Other important concepts for successful exhibits were to exercise sending a message through graphic design. Most designers like three dimensional models because you can visualize better, but all of these can’t be done by computer. There were some questions in the structural area that were answered. When building our exhibit Mitchell’s advice was use inexpensive materials to maximize space.
There were materials from his exhibits that consist of thin sheets of plastics, and I got some ideas of how we could use them for our exhibit. He mentioned that we could obscure 10% of a view with a plastic partition and get the same effect. He also said that modifications to the size of apparatuses and floor space can make up for the amount of materials we use on a small budget.

There was a display board with many past exhibits done by Mauk. These consist of an airport, McDonalds, play station, and Reynolds composite bikes. These were helpful because they varied in size and you could compare them to the square footage we will use for our exhibit. The bike exhibit was unique because it shows how you can interact with your observers. The bike wheels were on a podium and they were constantly spinning. The observer could remove a wheel and ask questions about it, and this is a functional part of the exhibit. Mitchell Mauk showed the class many innovative techniques in building an effective exhibit.

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