Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 2 - Mood Board

For my mood board I pretty much just collected ideas I thought could inspire our aesthetic, rather than collage images which suggested a certain aesthetic. My main idea was to look at ways to represent flowing forms beyond the obvious "curvy line". Top to bottom, left to right: First is a Calabi-Yau, which is a visual representation of this crazy "shape" that has more than three dimensions. Then there's a topographical map, which I think has an interesting aesthetic. The next picture is a diagram of two neutron stars circling each other or something. Then a seismogram. Then some other gravity related diagram. Then water drops rolling down a car window. Then another gravity thing. Then some clothes blowing in the wind. At this point, I ran out of ideas, so I just put "Stream" really big at the bottom.

Basically, I guess I just wanted to show how flowing forms can be a lot more complex than just a wavy line? I dunno.

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