Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 6 : Mauk Design | Wilson Chiu

The previous exhibits designed by Mauk Design was already a huge influence in direction for us. Being introduced to Mitchell Mauk himself was worth the experience. I feel that Mitchell has given us many pointers and advice throughout his presentation. What really caught my attention was his philosophy on design where a designer must be capable of designing anything. I truly believed in that.

Mauk spoke of materials and lighting and how placement can really bring out the best of it regardless of whether its a cheap material or not. He also talked about how we can invest in a very expensive hanger for the ceiling and using that as a base, we can use very inexpensive cotton drapes and even plastic printed on inkjet to create a dazzling affect. The exhibit which inspired me the most was probably the Italian stone exhibit where everything was just spiraling down to the middle. Interesting fact was that the viewers eventually become stuck in the middle and was forced to turn around and look at the other direction with different panels.

Overall, touring the Mauk Design was a great first step experience in opening up our eyes and seeing what we are capable of dong with such a small budget. It would seem that anything is possible as long as we’re determined.

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