Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alix Jiang Mauk Design Report

The Mauk Design field trip is absolutely quite an experience. Walking into the office, I feel the design. Throughout Mauk's speech, besides their excellent and inspiring work, his several points caught my attention.
1. "You don't have to make it 100% to block audiences' view. 10% can still be a divider and works the same, or even better."
This is a striking point in terms of saving materials and managing the budget, which we should definitely bring into our show.
2. "Green is not having anything there."
At first, we had a headache on how to fill the huge space in Jack Adam Hall. As a matter of fact, we don't have to. I believe that leaving empty space, and giving the audience extra imagination is one of the most crucial parts of the exhibit design.
3. The Play Station Exhibition model is a phenomenal master piece. The swirl creates the flow as well as shows all the products in process--from PS1 to the latest product. Related to our show, what's in common is to show the process. At this point, curving or swirling path is definitely what we should consider.
In addition, the material library upstairs is something worths mentioning. We got to see and touch the various material, in order to get a close sense of the materials.

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