Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sherwin David - Stream Logo [Updated]

Updated: A few more exploring color as well as type treatment. I'm trying to find a more appropriate typeface. Any recommendations?

More exercises for the logo design. Basically looking into the sinuous lines that many of the mood boards have from furnitures to nature. The design is somewhat simple but still retains a level of elegance and sophistication. The form along with the type, again while simple, takes on forms of streams of water, light and thought. It is fluid and light (weight), open and whimsical. The wave, as I'll call it for the moment is not final and is a rough and quick sketch. Feedback would highly appreciated to see if I can develop the logos above further.


  1. the bottom one is my favorite, did you try any with that design flowing thru it? keep cranking them out.

  2. I like the bottom one the most as well! definitely on the right track, I espcially like the blue and green one.

    stick with it!