Saturday, January 31, 2009

Project 1 Pino Trogu

Please make sure to add your name to the project in the title of the post. Make sure you do include the title. Add labels stonestown and the name of the store.


Project 1 Xin Zhao

It is really nice I went to Vans since the Jack Adams hall has curved walls which are similar to Vans store.

In the store, what i like the most is the rest area where you can try out the shoes. There is a table-seats. In the center part of the seat there is squared shaped cube, and the center of the cube is empty so they can store magazines there and they can display some smaller items on top of the cube. Therefore, when people are waiting for friends, they can read the magazines. I think this idea can be used in our exhibition since we will have some sketch books and booklets. If we have a seating area like this, people will able to seat down and go through the sketch books or the booklets. And I believe this will also bring a museum kind atmosphere.

I like the path idea a lot so i was thinking about maybe we can set a path in the entrance area, such as in the pic. In the path way we can show the history and this path will lead us to the present time. It will work ok during the regular exhibition time. However, it might be too crowded since there will be plenty of people for the opening.


Just got this idea that we can play with the words about the name.
Such as LINK= liberality in North Korea.
maybe we can think of some words and then when we break them into letters, it also has meaning.

Friday, January 30, 2009

exhibition name

I just came up with this idea about the name of the exhibition.
"On"-- design is a process that keeps going on.
"In"-- 1. DAI student design work is something fresh, new and currently IN.
           2. the audiences are actually IN this exhibition as well as the process.
in addition to the second point, we can possibly turn part of the exhibit works into a participation, as in the audiences' participation is part of the art work. 

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hello. I'm Tiffanie. Hope to have a great semester.


Hey my name is Micah, I am in viscom. My expertise are in Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Cinema 4d , and a little 3d studio max. I also can help in XML and javascript. So I hope we can all work well together
hi everyone! ^_~
i <3 DAI! ~~ ^_^

good morning

what up class

my name is steve belale and i'm a graduating viscom major.

i just woke up...

i need coffee.

hej hej

Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm the girl in the skirt next to the elephant and the pink pants. I'm a senior hoping to get out of here with a Viz Com degree..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm Micah C. I'm a senior on the Graphic side of DAI. I'm excited for this class but nervous at the same time, due to deadlines, budgets, ego's etc.


I am LEo (Xin), product design, junior. Really excited about this class and looking forward working with you guys.

Hi all


I'm Julie. I'm interdisciplinary, but mostly viscomm. My Paris/Antwerp trip over Thanksgiving break was awesome and super inspiring.

Hello Class!

My name is Sherwin David. Excited about the class. Graduating VisComm student (about time!). I'm afraid of heights. 

History of numbers poster

Thanks for the "themes" postings. Numbers seem important. This is a poster by Tom Ockerse, from RISD, a history of numbers. Thought of the number(s) 20/20 in different alphabets, international. vision 20/20.
Don't forget to use the labels when posting. great first ideas!

HI Hi hi

HI Hi hi,

my name is Alix Jiang.
Vis Comm
originally from Shanghai, China.
went to music college for 2 years major in Recording & Musicology.
love it.
but love design more.
I am looking forward to working with you guys together!

group 3

(some of these are also overlap with what we discussed as a class as a WHOLE.)

we discussed having some sort of progression, a pathway, line, spiral for the exhibit as a whole. having to walk down through a section displaying images etc. of all the previous years, winding up to this years exhibition.

materials: using only (or primarily) re-used materials. the trick being to use these materials to create something that doesn't look like it was strung together with yarn and old soda bottles.
this could tie in to the 20 year celebration and this idea of looking back, as in we are re-using the "past" (old recycled materials) to create the "future" (the current exhibit).

displays: as far as individual pieces, showing a piece of work from its conception to its completion. perhaps using layers and/or transparencies. panels one in front of the other. or perhaps each leading to the next. incorporating the "process" book and sketches in to the display for the completed project itself. perhaps a collage of the work. the key here would be to make the ENTIRE design process transparent, and that the viewer would not need to open or flip through an actual "process book." to figure out a way to somehow make each display a clear look in to the artists idea/conception/process, not just their completed project.

names: one consideration was a play on the word twenty, the number 20. perhaps the concept of age or history. also: all the names in the past all seem to have all sounded vaguely greek or latin, haven't they? maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and break away from that then...

themes: we all agreed that we should try to stay away from anything too gimicky, or overwhelming. the goal is to create a way to make people better able to experience the art, not to make something that is going to distract and draw the viewers attention away.
the theme could be this idea of getting inside the process.
pieces of a whole.
re-visiting the past.
this idea of needing to be able to see how things started, and how they progressed, and how they are completed (this would tie in with the idea of bringing in elements/images/representations of past exhibitions).

thats it for now.
wow that was a bit long....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Group 4 themes

We focused mostly on different words that could be used for/towards the exhibit name, and their meanings/connotations.

* ideate (ideation)

* 20 (could also be written as 'twenty' or 'XX'; could be expressed typographically via numbers or text, or through spatial arrangements of objects)

* coalesce (coalescence)

* converge (convergence)

* collaborate (collaboration)

* cooperate (cooperation)

Group 1

Theme is like "Then & Now"
movie theme like 20th century fox but for our 20th anniversary logo.
SFSU: diversity, culture, 20th anniversary, DAI, design, change

First choice for theme title would be "Infinity" (design is never-ending)

Show: past to present showcase, include pathways to a center point combining all DAI majors. Evolution of DAI history which leads to the present. Also incorporate materials from the past that were not environmentally safe to how materials are used now (the history part).

Name group lists



Hello. My name's Sean Fridman. Junior. VisComm. I love dogs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

And another one....

Hi all,
My name is Paul Carlson, but I often go by the nickname Pacts. I'm a third-year product design graduate student; like Jennifer, this is my last semester at SFSU. I'm thrilled to get the chance to participate in the Exhibits class (especially considering it'll be the 20th annual student show).

See you all tomorrow!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

hello everyone..

my name is jennifer lee and this will be my last semester here at sfsu. i look forward to having a great semester with everyone. see you all next week. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Logo post test


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


helloooOOoo 524.... my name... is wilson chiu.