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Logo Ideations

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design Andre Wong

Upon arriving at Mauk Design’s studio, you will see a giant lower case “a” in the window on the left side. On the right side, there is a clear spherical chair made for one hanging from a chain attached to the ceiling. My first thought to myself was, “Where do I get one of these chairs for MY room??” My first impression was that the place seemed small. After Mitchell’s presentation, I am amazed by the large scale exhibits produced by such a small firm. Three exhibits that stuck out for me were the marble tile exhibit, the Playstation exhibit, and the giant color swatches recreation displayed at the Adobe headquarters. I thought it was interesting how this exhibit spirals inward.

People continued to walk into the spiral knowing that it is a dead end. The marble displays were on both sides, designed for the people to go in looking at one side and then continue to look at the displays on the opposite side walking out. I thought this was a genius idea.

After looking at pics of the Playstation exhibit, it occurred to me where that awesome chair in the front came from. I am tempted to try and build one for myself. This exhibit looked ridiculously awesome, and I wish I was there. It is shocking to me that something like this was only up for 3 days before it was taken down.

This giant swatches pallete is really cool. It reminds me of a stained glass window. Another genius idea that makes you think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I thought it was interesting also the amount of people that work at Adobe that have no idea what it is either.

Project 6 – Mauk Designs

      mauk floorplan

Being sick, I was unable to experience Mauk Design field trip.  However after looking at their work, I felt like I had a good feel of what their process was.  Mauk’s website features flow diagrams of the spaces they design for shows.  It’s very interesting how they manage to create a wide functional space.  For example:  The Playstation Exhibit floor plan led the guests spiral trough the space and back to the exhibit.  The placement of zones for specific showcases is really interesting because of the deliberate intention of leading the guests but keeping it open enough for space to keep the movement nonlinear. It’s all very inspiring because the work is so beautiful and clean.

Project 6 Mauk Design Jewel Boone

Since exhibit design is something that I have thought briefly about getting into before, but never seriously, being able to go to a design firm and see what they actually do was amazing. It definitely convinced me that I would like to work in exhibition design in the future (outside of class).I loved the field trip to Mauk Design! Although I was late because of a MUNI emergency, I really enjoyed what I did get to see. I believe that we can embrace the simplicity strategy for our exhibit and still make it something to remember.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design Maria Alvarez

           This was my first time visiting an actual design firm and was fascinated by the structure and the work environment at Mauk Designs. I found that Mitchell’s presentation was very informative and it gave me a strong idea of how to succeed in this kind of industry.
            I was amazed when he mentioned one of his works, which is a blown up display of the Photoshop swatch palette at Adobe. I thought it was a brilliant idea because it provided the company a visual identity. The building seemed kind of plain and the swatch palette simply added more character and color.
Mitchell pointed out a car model that one of his associates designed. He says that his associate is planning to build that car for Burning Man. I would love to see that car model come to life. From what I’ve heard and seen, there’s a lot of art at this event so I think people would enjoy seeing that car.
            Overall, I had a great time visiting Mauk Designs and hearing Mitchell’s presentation and seeing some of his work. I was definitely inspired.

Two things truly amazed me about
Mauk Design. The first one was the magnitude of the projects they
have undertaken and successfully delivered. Exhibitions such as
the PSP and Intel seemed quite intimidating to me and I could
not picture myself(yet) to commit to such a project. Not to
undermine the rest of the shows they put up, I want to say
that they did a very considerate and creative job as far as
client needs and available resources are concerned. The second thing
that amazed me was the size of the company. Not the size of the
building it was housed, but the size of the workforce there. With
one main "creative director" if you will, and two employees/interns,
Mauk Design takes full advantage of the phrase "less is more", showcasing
excellent communication between management and employees, as well
as a great ability to master tasks and time.

Project 6 Mauk Design Victoria Gouzikovski

Above: Examples of simple, yet effective exhibits from Mauk Design
(taken from )

The field trip to Mauk Design helped inspire and get me more excited about creating our own design. Understanding what an actual exhibit design firm goes through to put up a display is important at this stage because we are about to to do the same thing. I thought it was very interesting how all their exhibits looked so different, as if separate firms designed them; he mentioned that he once received a compliment about how you can tell that their exhibits are from Mauk Design not because they look he same, but because of the clarity of the message. I think exhibit design is a form of communication and having a very thoughtful and clear design is crucial to having get the message across.

When the tile exhibit was mentioned, I realized that I like the idea of directing the experience of the viewer. I know that it is not good to “force” an exhibit goer to do anything, but simply leading someone though is a good way to make sure that everyone gets the full experience. Even bubble diagrams are designed to look at the waking patterns in stores, museums, and exhibitions. I think that having a hierarchy of things that you want to exhibit, leading up to pieces that are meant to be seen last might be a interesting idea. In the tile exhibit, it was made sure that each visitor would notice every tile, at the very least. Another benefit of that exhibit is just that it looks so simple but so interesting. Using a simple but thoughtful system for our exhibit might be the way to go, too!

Project 6 Mauk Design - Alfred Velasco

Since I was unable to attend the Mauk field trip, this post/response derives from just looking at the Mauk design website. Anyways, the website itself, is something that we can implement or adopt if we are designing a website for In Pulse. The website is simple, easy to navigate, and contains many images to show the highlights and features of the current exhibit. The gallery is easy to view and also contains a pop up side scroll (which i liked) to easily view all and choose photos to look at. From the exhibit, I was very fond of the "Marble Regions of Italy" display. All it contains is a series sample marbles that is mounted in a spiral. This looks like a simple setup, yet looks appealing. Since we are on a budget, and are trying to spend the least money, I think adopting something like this would really benefit us. We can find a way to use a similar mounting setup such as the marble display at Mauk. Or we can just have our displays hanging instead of mounting. Something simple but appealing is what I am assuming we are shooting for. I also liked the shelves display. We can find a way to reduce the amount of material of these shelves, yet still have the capacity to carry the same amount of material would be a great idea. That way, we can display any standing items that will be featured in our exhibit. I don't know, but this is just a thought.

Mauk Design trip - Mary's Take

(this is an image I took outside of their studio)

Project 6: Field Trip to Mauk Design
DAI 524
Mary H.
February 24, 2010

I really enjoyed our trip to Mauk Design because I have always wanted to look at small studios. I have only seen Frog Design studios so that was my image of what a design studio is like. I knew that Mauk was a small studio but I didn’t realize how small they were—only three people. I liked seeing the presentation because Mr. Mauk has done so much work when it all came from a small studio. I thought this was really amazing that one man can do so much. I thought it was neat that he was studying to be a graphic designer but he ended up in this field. I liked hearing his employees talk because they looked like they just graduated from college and are basically in the same shoes as we are. I was surprised that they were currently doing about 8 projects at once, because they are such a tiny company. But Mr. Mauk looks like he really knew how to handle different projects and how to get everything done on time.

After hearing him talk I became more interested in learning more about exhibit design. I never thought much about displays whenever I go into an exhibition space or even a store. Now, I am more aware and I like to see what each space has done to display their products and services.

Mauk Design trip - Mary's Take

(this is an image I took outside of their studio)

Project 6: Field Trip to Mauk Design
DAI 524
Mary H.
February 24, 2010

I really enjoyed our trip to Mauk Design because I have always wanted to look at small studios. I have only seen Frog Design studios so that was my image of what a design studio is like. I knew that Mauk was a small studio but I didn’t realize how small they were—only three people. I liked seeing the presentation because Mr. Mauk has done so much work when it all came from a small studio. I thought this was really amazing that one man can do so much. I thought it was neat that he was studying to be a graphic designer but he ended up in this field. I liked hearing his employees talk because they looked like they just graduated from college and are basically in the same shoes as we are. I was surprised that they were currently doing about 8 projects at once, because they are such a tiny company. But Mr. Mauk looks like he really knew how to handle different projects and how to get everything done on time.

After hearing him talk I became more interested in learning more about exhibit design. I never thought much about displays whenever I go into an exhibition space or even a store. Now, I am more aware and I like to see what each space has done to display their products and services.

Project 6: Field Trip to Mauk Design
DAI 524
Lena Nakonsut
February 24, 2010

Mauk Design was a great experience. Mitchell Mauk was a great inspiration to the exhibit design field. I love how the place was so small but they do such big projects. Walking into the lobby and into the guest room, seeing all there awards that they won just amazed me. All the examples he showed us were very simple, and I know with exhibit design it can get a bit hectic and sometimes almost to the point they you don’t even know what the exhibit is about anymore. I like how we mentioned that even though he would do three booths at one single trade show they would al be different. But they way they would all be the same was that they all featured the product with simplicity.

I also loved the office space. It was so sleek and clean. I love offices like that, very clean and bare, because you don’t focus on all the jumble you just focus on the design at hand.

What I gained from this field Trip experience is that exhibit aren’t done well if they are all just for show, You want to get your product across, and in our case we want it to showcase the students work. Sometimes being overly designed can ruin the whole exhibit. I think simple is always the way to go; less is always more.

Project 6 Mauk Design Jenny M.

One of the things that I found especially surprising about the work that Mauk design has done is how much they have been able to create on some very limited budgets. I was especially impressed by an exhibit created about Italian tiles that was basically constructed with inexpensive fabrics and plastic chairs and that was ultimately very professional looking and award-winning. This does inspire me with regards to our exhibit, because we will be working on a very small budget.

Project 6 Mauk Design: Kimi Yamamoto

Listening to Mitchell Mauk talk about all of the intricacies of what goes into exhibit design was not only interesting and informative, but inspiring as well. Something I really took to heart was that understanding the benefits of minimalism as a concept is quite important; I refer to minimalism in respect to using what resources are available and making the most of them, such as the exhibit they did for Italian marble. Hearing what he had to say about meeting his clients’ needs made me realize how much creative freedom we have in the class as designers to make the DAI exhibit, taking into consideration that our main clients are ourselves and others in our department.

Project Six Mauk Design Matthew Kuukka

Mauk was a really cool design firm, it is amazing how small they are and how much work that they do. They do some amazing work that is not just limited to exhibition design showing how diverse they are and capable of almost any type of design work. It was also cool to get some insider knowledge about what things were made from and how simple some of the most amazing looking things were. That the main thing I took away was that things should be kept simple and try to use existing things as much as possible.

Mauk Design

I have never been to a design firm, so it was interesting to see how things are done at Mauk Design. I was surprise to see that the Mauk Design studio was pretty small, but yet it had almost everything they needed to design; computers, an area to put together their mock ups, and a mini work shop to cut and paint things. I thought it was really nice hearing Mitchell’s thoughts about designing exhibits. One of the things Mitchell said that I think would help us out with our exhibit is to have an idea what message we want people to get. I thought it was cool how Mitchell worked with major companies, but yet theirs only about three people that work in the studio. It goes to show that as long as you have a formula of what the client wants, which he showed us in his slide show. I loved his library collection of design books, there is so many different kinds of design books that I wished I could have stayed longer to check some of them out.

Project 6 Mauk Austin Mitchell

Project 6
Austin Mitchell

Simplicity- One of the most important things Mitchell Mauk discussed was the concept of simplicity in exhibit design. He said that it is important to think about what the minimum amount of materials would be to get the job done. Although a few of his exhibits were more complex architecturally, this is not always nessecary, as seen in the example above. You also must think about what it is that your are trying to communicate about a product or company and focus on communicating that clearly to the viewer.

Diversity- Although it seems to be his primary concentration, Mitchell Mauk does not limit himself to only exhibit design. He was also working on airport signs, a Burning Man car, and wine bottles for his friends' winery. I think it is important for designers to be able to design in a wide variety of categories.

Project 6, Mauk Design Field Trip

Project 6
Mauk Design Field Trip
Maggie Lee

The Mauk Design Field Trip is quite an experience. I was amazed that such a small studio could handle so many huge projects and got so many awards.

Mitchell Mauk has mentioned that:

• “Good designers are able to design anything.”
• "Use the minimum materials to get the message across."
• "The key to the solution is the idea not how much structure it needs."

If we want to be a good designer, we need to keep all of the above important points in mind. It's true that good designers need to have the solutions to any problems that the clients present to them. In addition, if we can use the least materials to get the idea across for the In-Pulse Exhibition, it will not only save money but also the production time. Less is more.

I like the O.C Tanner Exhibit for the Society of Human Resource Management. The designer uses the windmill, sun, sunflower, rain, and DNA symbols to convey "Human and their daily activities". It's simply but effective.

I also like the spiral trade show concept. It's extremely clever to use the design to control /direct how the audience would view the products. I think this is a key to any exhibition, and it's the only purpose of doing the exhibition–to expose all of the products to the audience. We will have a successful show if we can apply this concept into our exhibition project.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mauk Design Summary

The field trip to Mauk Designs was a fun experience. Listening to Mitchell and his assistants speak about the company gave me a better idea of Exhibit Design. The exhibits he showed in his presentation were very sleek and modern. I thought his design choices were amazing and really accentuated the products. As a team they were able to take the ideas of their own and the clients to really capture the audience. I thought that Mauk Designs Exhibit for PS2 was very well done. It really captured the “futuristic” digital feel and the white color scheme worked perfectly with the flashing lights and projections of the Play Station Graphics. Even the furniture tied into the theme, with the circular, transparent chairs that made the users experience “personal” while others could still see what games they were playing. They also had clear covers over stand up podiums with PS2’s built in. The furniture was uniquely distributed, again to make the experience “personal.” Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Mauk Designs and admire the work they do.

Project 6 Mauk Design Ryan Nunez

Seeing Mauk Design’s exterior I thought it be a big company with at least 30 or 40 people inside. The glass windows / walls of the front made the area look bigger than it actually was. Sitting in the chairs of the waiting /conference room I felt that I was at a place that made thoughts into reality. After we were taken back to the area where the modeling and 2 computers were and I saw how small the firm was I thought how this little firm could turn out so much, with only 3 employees. It was at this point where Mr. Mauk, the owner started talking about their projects that the firm was working on. He spoke of listening to what the client requested in their exhibit. To not let your ego as a designer get in the way. Prioritizing projects and constantly multitasking was also something that was of good information. Even though I’m on the logistics team for our exhibits class I learned to pay attention to everything that’s happening around you. Pay attention to the graphic designer, pay attention to the structure team members. Formulate and finalize an idea in the beginning and make sure that they follow through to the end.

Logo Ideas

I like the idea of giving the logo movement, and the only way I knew how to do that was to play with the different types of blur effects in photoshop, so these are basically what I came up with. But I'm not too sure whether there's too much blur. And also, purple is an awesome color.


Project 6 Mauk Design Amanda Danihels

I really enjoyed visiting Mauk Design this last Thursday. I think their overall approach to exhibit design is extremely innovative and aesthetically pleasing in terms of the design. Their office provides a look inside their world and the daily work that goes into designing and developing an exhibit. All of their work was really creative and impressive. The use of materials, light, and space really inspired me for our own exhibit design. After getting the opportunity to look at the beginning stages of their designs to the final output, I felt overwhelmed with ideas for our own exhibit. One of the main constraints that we face in developing our design is accessibility to materials and budget constraints. However, it is still possible to mimic some of their applied design ideas. I really liked the use of lighting in their designs and how a simple light could be reflected and give a whole different and powering effect. I also thought it was really awesome that he used fabric for the Exhibit showcasing Italian Marble which is one of the images I have enclosed. Another idea I liked and am hoping we can apply to our exhibit is having something hanging from the ceiling and perhaps playing off of the lighting to create a much larger effect in a simpler way. Overall, great field trip and an amazing company.


Logo Ideation

Typeface: Nilland: bold/regular, Century Gothic: bold/regular, Futura Std: light/heavy


logo sketches 2

Monday, February 22, 2010


One design, a few different color schemes. The logo itself isn't actually blurred, it just appears that way in the thumbnails.

logo rough 2

this is the same style as the first logos but I did it in red since it is relevant to "pulsating"
   Logo Roughs 1

Saturday, February 20, 2010

email a freind

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Group 1 Proposal & Moodboard- Cupid's Revenge

Cupid is feeling underappreciated this year, which is why we are proposing "Cupid's Revenge" for Valentine's Day, a casual dance event that will take place at the Envy Lounge on Saturday, February 13, 2010 from 10 pm to 2 am.

The name "Cupid's Revenge" came about because cupids came to our minds when we thought of Valentine's Day. And because we felt that lovey dovey and cutesy Valentine's themes are overdone, we decided to put a fun twist on our event instead by going for a darker, bloody, and twisted mood.

The story behind our event, "Cupid's Revenge" is that Cupid is fed up with the third wheels and infidelities that break up the couples he has worked hard to match up. As if his job was not already tough enough as it was, he had to run around and do it clad in his birthday suit. So this year, Cupid is going to get his revenge and have some fun.

Our color palette will mostly be in the shades of red and black to match the theme. Black lights will also be used to emphasize the dark and dangerous atmosphere. It will be highly encouraged, but optional, for guests to dress in togas and bloody makeup to look like vengeful cupids to complete the overall look of the theme.

As for the entertainment, we will provide enough for both singles and couples to have a great night. We will provide a small but delicious variety of bloody looking mini snacks and treats in case the guests get hungry, as well as a DJ to man the music and dance floor. There will also be bartenders working and serving deadly looking, but delicious, alcoholic concoctions behind the bar, where the freshly heartbroken can mope over unsuccessful relationships. Other singles who are looking for fun will have the opportunity to mingle and hook up, while couples will be welcomed to dance the night away on the dance floor.

Because it has such a unique theme, as well as a fun atmosphere, "Cupid's Revenge" is the perfect Valentine's event for a night of fun, whether guests are single or taken.

Group 5 – Valentine’s Day Event - MASSAQUERADE

Mood Board



Our Valentine’s Day Party takes a different Approach to the conventional “Valentine’s Day” Party. The party event is called Massaquerade, a Massacre Masquerade Ball. Basically it is a Singles Mixer, for those who are single, or portraying themselves as so. This Event is for those who want something a bit different than the typical Mushy Valentine’s Day party. Taking Place at the El Rio, on Saturday Friday the 13th, It is perfect setting for this bloody Valentine’s day party. There is one requirement for this Masquerade Ball, You must were a mask. If you choose not to wear one, you will not be allowed into the event. Having the masks on is a great way to mingle and meet your future Mr/Mrs. Right, or maybe, Mr/Mrs. Right now.

This Event will be bloody and all things wrong with Valentine’s Day. Basically, anything dark, bloody and out of the ordinary is associated with this party and anything can happen. The Tables and bar will be covered with Black and red Roses and the Bar will only serve Red themed Drinks (i.e Bloody Marys and . And if you choose do so, special music request may be allowed if you buy a drink for your person of interest. Thankfully, this event will only play real music, nothing streamed through an ipod. All the televisions in the house will be only play the best and only the best horror movies of all time. Contests will include, Date raffles, Best dressed awards, and many more dark and bloody games.

With in our times for the party, we start the first week, scouting for the event, and then we secure the venue. The next week we want to plan for a DJ and plan for the promotion materials (i.e design logo, send out guest invites, and plan for decorations). The next few weeks is all about designing, designing the floor space, sending out flyers, picking up decorations and figuring what goes where. The week before the event we will send out the promotion material and promote everywhere we can. February 12th we set up for the event and secure the space, then February 13th, the event goes up! We do plan for the next day for cleaning and making sure we receive our deposit for the space.


My vision for "In Pulse" is going to be something colorful and vibrant. The one thing that this show should accomplish is creating a high energy atmosphere with a youthful an exciting vibe.

Valentines, G4


With this party we have decided to not turn to towards the more traditional methods and means of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. We do not want this event to be a sappy celebration of romance and couple hood. Instead we decided to plan a party that will be fun and lively for all those in attendance, regardless of their romantic status. In line with that we have decided that the theme of this party will be “the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”. The real St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was the name given to the brutal results of a feud between two prohibition-era gangs, led by Bugs Moran and Al Capone. That this is a somewhat dark subject for a party is a benefit to us, as it allows us to throw an event where the focus is more directed towards fun than romance.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Logo Sketches


For My Logo Sketches, I wanted to portray the play on words of being impulsive by playing with different letter types and fonts. I also wanted to play with the medical connotations of "pulse" by building it into the word.

For my Mood Board, I was fascinated with the idea of the heart as a means of pulse which is why I included the pictures of a growing heart.. I also was interested with music and the circulatory system ...