Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 3A - Logo Sketches /// Sean Fridman

Here’s a rough sketch of my idea for our Stream logo (just the word, ignore the circle). Basically, my idea was to create a feeling befitting of the word stream through whitespace. The spacing between letters gives the impression of air being able to flow freely through and around the word, which I think evokes a fitting atmosphere.

Another idea I had was to identify patterns in the whitespace and illustrate them. I guess this was just to add interest to the logo while still hopefully maintaining a similar atmosphere.

Here’s a computer rendering of the logo with the whitespace illustrations (it’s just a quick vectorization of my handwriting, so it’s pretty rough). An idea I had for the logo’s color was to have the school colors on the right, in the circles, and the exhibit’s color(s) on the left, in the convergent line thing.

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