Friday, May 28, 2010

in pulse thoughts

In Pulse Exhibition:
I did not really have a chance to enjoy the exhibition except taking pictures due to the final projects and exams. Overall I think the exhibition looks really simple, clean, and professional. It would have been better if we could get more submissions to fill up all the empty spaces. The name cards were a little disorganized.

Concept behind the "in pulse" logo:

  • The lowercase letterform and the spacing create the wave-like rhythms
  • The color spectrum enhances the meaning of the pulsation as well as the rhythms of design. Different colors are formed because of different wavelengths, and different wavelengths have different rhythms (A graphic design/world without colors is dull, and colors do not belong to anyone)
  • The black bars also emphasize the beat-like rhythms
  • The word "pulse" itself has the meaning of beats/waves/rhythms
  • Projects/deadlines should be assigned/informed asap
  • Call for Entry poster should be done and posted asap to get more submissions
  • Timely feedback is very, very, very important
  • Students with improper behavior should be warned and removed from class as it stated in the syllabus. (We are not high school kids anymore people)
  • Strict deadlines with submissions should be applied to everyone. I knew students in our class sneaked their projects in the show without following the proper rules
  • Product students should not be allowed to set up the display. If they do not trust our students on handling their products, they should not submit their work to the show
Thank you:
I would like to say, "thank you to those who have created such a special learning environment/experience for me. I became a stronger person today because of you. If I have many obstacles that I need to go through in my life time, I am glad that I already overcame one."

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Prof. Trogu. I could not have completed my timeline project without your patience, help and support, and thank you for the yummy Focaccia. :)


Great show people!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think the final outcome of the show was a great success. However getting to that finish line was a chore in of itself.

1. There should be prerequisites to get into the class. For example, DAI 300 or DAI 322, or student can demonstrate proficiency in design software.

2. There should not be students that are not in the class allowed in setting up the show. For example, product designers only handling and displaying their projects for the betterment of their visual space. Students can bring up their projects but they can not tell exhibit students where and when to display things.

3. Students in the exhibit class should be held accountable to putting in their fair share of work in the class during holidays and after school to make the exhibit happen. In the beginning of the class there should be a contract signed where the exhibit students are aware of the work load they are required to do throughout the class.

4. Self starters should be spread throughout groups. I was fortunate enough to have all self starters and people who were willing to take on more responsibility in logistics. Ideally these self starters should have been distributed to other groups to even out the group participation.

5. Anything that is purchased should be run through the logistics team as well as the instructor. This way the logistics member in charge of the budget can see monies coming in and out instead of playing catch up on getting reimbursements.

6. Soliciting donations should be the focus of all three groups. A logistics member can not possibly know that there are multiple types of wood or different lights to ask to be donated. Instead of just asking companies for quotes on products (graphic and structures) there should be a solicit of donation.

7. Exhibit students should know and be held accountable to working on multiple projects throughout the semester. A logistics member sanding in the workshop. A graphics person cutting out foam core to mount on the history wall. Etc

8. The Valentine’s Day project should have not taken so long to complete. There is a schedule and members of the class need to be held accountable to keeping this schedule.

9. The graphics team should be solely made in charge of conceptualizing, developing and implementing the exhibit’s logo. Logistics and structures have other things to do rather than sitting through a graphic debate on which logo is going to be used.

10. Finalize structures at spring break. In In Pulse’s case the graphics of the exhibit followed structure shapes.

11. There should be a strict limit of people in the class. In our class there were too many students thus causing people to stand around waiting for something to do. The smaller class size would allow projects to get done faster.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

in pulse follow up

Even though things were being straightened out and finished at 6:00p.m. at the time when the opening ceremony was supposed to take place the show still went on. I heard so many great things about the sting system, the history wall, and the digital media station. Mitchell Mauk said that this years show was more impressive than the stream show. I was very pleased to see the size of the outcome and all the food and snacks to accommodate them.

In critique, I would like to have seen the show be up and ready on Tuesday when it was supposed to be completed. There were also many name tags missing which was the direct result of students not following the guidelines for submitting their work online. We needed to be more stern with the students who were submitting their work in regards to having it in on time, as well as trusting us to take care of their design work.

I think despite all the fighting, arguing, and turning down of our design ideas, the show still came through in the end and pleased the crowd.

In Pulse follow up

It was a relief to see the exhibit finally come together. It wasn't ready for the cold opening, and many of us were running around the following day putting on name tags as people started to file in, but it got completed just in time for the official opening.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if everything would be in place and presentable in time. I was also surprised at how clean the structures ended up looking. Even though I am a big fan of minimalism, I was afraid the structures would look simple in contrast to previous exhibits, but I found myself favoring the way it turned out. I think the digital media center really stole the show and was finally able to have a spotlight, as opposed to last year's exhibit.
The turn out for the ceremony was great, and aside from the technical difficulties with the projector, I think it was an overall success. It was also quite nice to hear Mitchell Mauk's compliments as reinforcement from the perspective of an exhibit designer. It's fantastic to have it finally done, but it's sad to see our hard work go down. Good job, team.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I had so much fun during the course of the semester, and it culminated during the opening. All the wonderful hard work everyone put in really paid off. Every group, Structures, Logistics, Graphics, and History Wall put in so much time and effort, and the show definitely exhibited this aspect. I would have to say that my favorite part of the exhibit [aside from the history wall] was the structures themselves. From what I could see, everyone enjoyed the design of the structures, as well as how they were arranged. I appreciated, also, that the exhibit was wheelchair accessible without disrupting the design itself. I learned so much during the course of this class and ended up doing things I never would have had the opportunity to experience had I not taken this class.

One aspect of the class that was a bit frustrating was the days where certain groups didn't have a whole lot to do. I think one thing that did help distribute the work load and what gave me the most enjoyment was working on the History Wall project because I was exposed to the structure, graphic, and logistics process. For someone who was weak in almost every area except for Logistics, this experience allowed me to really broaden my horizons.

As for the show itself, I would have to agree that the speeches and awards should have been presented before the food. Even as I was standing on stage, it was annoying to see the speakers interrupted and ignored by exhibit goers who were engrossed in conversation and food. However, the execution of the show was beautiful. I was sad to see it go after only a couple of days :-(.

Last but not least, I believe that communication is key to the success of the class and that communication between the groups could definitely be improved. To do this, I suggest mass emails to be sent out each week for future classes and groups- at least one from each group- so that everyone is on the same page so that everyone can participate to their fullest extent.

TO PINO: Thank you for letting me into the class even though I didn't have experience. This class was the highlight of my semester.


In Pulse Thoughts

The show was great! When I first walked in and saw the flashing 'In Pulse' entrance piece I was impressed right away. I think the beaded entrance idea, given our space, would not have worked out nearly as well. The structures were well put together by the team...they did an awesome job. You can tell all the work they put in really paid off. The video we watched after everyone spoke was amazing as well. The section in the middle for digital media was constructed very well and I think a lot of people enjoyed that. Having the huge wall of design in the back where the food was being served was very cool, I spent a lot of time in front of it looking at all the posters.

Not only was the set up successful, but all the work displayed was really well done. So congrats to those students who had pieces in the show.

Shout out to B-Ho and Kathy on the signage team!...I think the signs turned out really nice and it was fun working on them.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Pulse

I think the outcome of the show was a success. We all worked so hard while others put more effort in making this show happen. Big props to the structures team especially for their dedication and amazing skills.  I heard good feedback about the displays and how we were able to showcase all the work. I was impressed with the digital media side and how we displayed all the cool videos. The food was great, the vibe was great and the people enjoyed it.

Some of the things I've noticed throughout this experience was that at the beginning of the semester, everything was at a slow pace when it came to figuring out a theme/name/logo and simply all the planning in general. Towards the end it became to be under pressure mode. Perhaps setting a fixed schedule and introducing it at the beginning of the semester so that the class has guide to follow. Organization is key as well as having the motivation to follow through. For the graphics side I felt that we went through too many revisions which wasted a lot of time. We probably should have brainstormed in order to follow one direction instead of going through many. I think that it was a challenge for a lot of us to interpret "in pulse" with the logo "spectrum" visually but then again, that's the whole point. I'm glad we didn't stick with the apple idea, instead we incorporated the structures designs for the posters and program, which I thought was a great idea. The apple simply did not tie in with the concept of the show. One last thing is during the speech it seemed as though people were not paying any attention. Perhaps plan the speech at the beginning before we serve the food. I figured, get the speech done with first then the celebration starts.

Ultimately, this was a great experience for me. I met a lot of new people throughout this journey. I'm glad to have been a part of this. Pino, good luck with next years exhibit. I definitely want to visit and check it out.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

InPulse Show

Overall, I must say well done team! Although there were many organizational details that lacked clear cohesiveness, I think it was a good effort from everyone and people were thoroughly impressed. I think the structures team especially came through when we needed them too seeing how we didn't even start building till two weeks before the show and everything was done. I was really impressed by the overall execution because I couldn't get a clear image in my head of what everything was going to ultimately look like and in the end I thought the posters hanging looked really great. I also liked the way they were laid out amongst the space and the way the digital media was placed centrally in the hall. Everything looked so professional and people were impressed with the final look of the show. The lamps done by the product designers were a really nice touch as well that enhanced our theme of the "inPulse." My only suggestions for next year would be to have a specific date mapped out by a logistics coordinator that gives a deadline as to when the structures need to be built. Also I think that the structures team and logistics team need to work closer together when it comes down to the ultimate layout of the structures so that the logistics team can early on start planning out where they want to out work so it is easier to identify with name tags. That is one thing we lagged on as a logistics team was the label situation, we needed to keep better track of what work was going in the show and what wasn't and where the work was to be placed so that come label time, they would be easy to identify. Still, a fantastic job and what a great turn out! I am impressed with everyone as a class, a team, and a collaborative creative effort!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Pulse Show


The show was great.  Everyone did a great job making it.  There was a nice turnout of people attending the reception.  Great job, logistics.  Structures did an amazing job on building the benches and display cases.  I’m glad there was a media area for all the digital media stuff.  The programs turned out great and the all around design was cohesive. Kodus to the graphics team.  


Have the reception speech in the beginning and wait until after the speech to serve food.  All the commotion around the food took away from hearing everyone talk.  Not to mention, since it was left for towards the end of the show, it felt a little too rushed.  A lot of students from Jane’s lecture course had to leave during the thank you’s cause class was starting and she even gave everyone an hour and a half for attending the reception.

I agree with Mary about the labeling of projects.  It was pretty disorganized, but I’m assuming cause they’re were problems with the database because some names were left out of the Exhibitor list on the program too.

Overall, a little more organization would go a long way regarding next year’s show.  I would also suggest more details regarding the requirements for some work.  Cause we really don’t want the post card scenario to happen again.  Also I would recommend sending out a plain text call for submissions first, then one with an attachment, then try to send out a fancy html email with clickable images .  Rosa’s email client didn’t allow for HTML formatting within emails, this year.  So valuable time was lost trying to perfect the formatting of an email, when the message could’ve been out earlier. 

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In Pulse

I think the show was successful. everyone I talked to thought the structures was really cool, and seeing the font everywhere. I think the graphics/structures were cohesive. and I really liked the pins that Pino passed out in the end, its a nice souvenir. The media chamber was really the best part of the show. the polaroid booth should have been there at the beginning of the show!! It was a really cool idea.

just a few thoughts:

1. labels for projects could have been more organized. We should have done everything completely online, and made sure that each project had a name attached to it. Too many projects did not have names on them, and even when professors say they'll do the forms, actually follow up on them. A lot of students who wanted their work in the show said that their professor turned it in for them, and that never happened for some of the projects. Maybe we could have written down names as each project was being put up.

2. strict deadlines with submissions. We cannot have people just ADD their project into the show because they failed to follow the deadline. They cannot be "overruled." Just because someone is a grad student or in some design group doesnt mean they have special permissions. We have a deadline for a reason, and if they did not meet it, they cannot be in the show. end of story. The fact that we kept extending it and they still werent able to meet it wasn't good on their part. I dont care if their feelings were hurt. Its part of life, deal with it. (the submissions thing bothered me the most because of the way some students reacted to this. anyone who had to deal with these people deserve a special reward and a drink. seriously.)


on another note, my cousin came in In Pulse pants:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taken from camera phone.

media1-729997 media1-748661 media1-774001 media1-782595

Random photos from show being set up.

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Structures Pictures

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Paper Trail


Just leaving behind a paper trail of some work I did.

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Saturday April 24th 2010

Not much just one pic for this day.

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Pedestal Idea

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Spring Break

Laura Munoz – Work update post

Submission form – Finished and finalized

Fixed the email problem.

Press kit – work in progress