Thursday, February 12, 2009

Project 4 - Valentines Party /// Group 3

The following is a proposal to plan and organize a party for a Valentines’ Day celebration. Group three: Thomas, Sean, Marion, and Jesselyn, visualize a crazy fun, entertaining, and pleasant gathering. Our team is focusing on a theme that connects odd things put together. We would like to use and expand our concept to convey a distinctive and interactive atmosphere that would allow us to create an experience that is intuitive, artistic, and clever.

The primary purpose of the valentines’ party is to highlight the theme of odd things put together, at the same time connecting individuals with other individuals. The project would be conducted and designed by group three with some assistance with outside resources and services.

On the left is a mood board for the party.

Here is our 2Sweets logo.

Here is a visual treatment of pamphlets / invitations to our 2Sweets party.

Here is a visual treatment / mood board of a room in the party:

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