Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 6, Mauk Design

Visiting Mauk design opened my eyes about the shear scale of being able to design a full exhibit at industry standard. The examples showed to us were extremely worth considering all the different aspects of exhibition design. 

One thing which surprised me was the size of the design team at Mauk. Considering the size of projects and the size of the clientèle their team is extremely small, So with the amount of man power and “cheap” labour as Mitchell put it we should be able produce a show to be proud of. The work shown to us highlighted the need for sketch models and strong graphics. It was interesting that he said that he used to do the graphics for some companies then designed the exhibit. This process is very much like how we are doing this exhibit. Starting from scratch and coming up with the whole concept. 

I was impressed with the amount of reference material they had, with regards to both magazine articles and material samples. Mauk seemed to be subscribing to all the major design magazines both here in America and also in Europe.

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