Wednesday, February 18, 2009

inspiring images

Here are some inspiring images.

I think we could use a lot of hangings for graphics work, emphasizing space and lightness.

The curving shape structures would definitely have an emotional impact on the audience.

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  1. I just wanted to note that creating lighting pieces with fiber optic cables really isn't all that expensive. Actually we can get Fiber Optic Fillament super cheap it we buy it in bulk.
    I've found it at
    $369 for a 492 feet long spool of 3mm fiber optic filament.
    $389 1,148 feet long spool of 2mm
    $389 2,296 feet long spool of 1.5mm
    $395 4,920 feet long spool of 1.00mm
    and so on...

    Also Tap Plastic has 1/4" diameter thick 50 feet long vinyl tubing for only $6.35 that can work very well with fiber optic cables.