Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 6 Mauk Design - Tiffanie Yip

The Mauk Design field trip was a good experience for me because I was actually inside a design studio. I like how the studio was set up with the windows on top because it was really bright with sunlight shining in. It was cool seeing the sketches of the McDonalds exhibits and the final picture of that huge hamburger. I was amazed when I heard that it only took two people to work on the McDonalds exhibit. I thought it was really interesting learning about who designed the logo for the Pluto’s Restaurant and also Charles Swab’s wine labels. When he told us how he designed the Pluto’s logo, I was really impressed it was done by the line tool. I also liked the many different win labels that were displayed on the bottle in different colors and fonts. I had a good time at the Mauk Design.

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