Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 6 Mauk Design (Connie)

Connie Tong

DAI 524 Exhibits

Professor Trogu

Spring 2009

Mauk Design

“Ultimately an environment or exhibit tells a story. The space and its architectural features, as well as displays, audio/visual enhancements, create a dimensional narrative that should express a client’s mission and vision.” – Mitchell Mauk

I love Mauk Design! I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to visit and explore Mauk Design. It was an amazing learning experience that impressed and inspired me creatively. Mitchell Mauk’s is an incredibly talented exhibit designer with an enormous amount of design awards well deserved because his exhibits communicate meaningful messages and solve problems proving “a good designer can design anything.”

What was most interesting to me are Mauk’s wise advices and suggestions for our 20th Annual Design Exhibition Show Stream and what information we can gain to use in our exhibit. The good ideas of utilizing hanging objects will eliminate frames and posts and utilizing 10% divider divides without covering up the whole space are helpful tips. These helpful tips will save us time and money. Time is saved from building and money is saved from spending on supplies and materials for building. Which are beneficial to us, because of the unfortunate fact that time and money is what we do not have much of. However, there is still hope because if Mauk’s small team can work miracles, we can too with our large team of skilled and talented people in our exhibit design class.

Visiting Mauk Design is genuinely a special treat for industrial designers. It was a helpfully inspirational experience that was well worth the trip (even traveling in the pouring rain). I am extremely excited about West Office and can’t wait until we visit them too!

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