Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 6/Mauk Design/Steve Belale

Last week's visit to the Mauk Design Studio was an enlightening experience. The therapeutic rainy weather outside added to the good vibe. It was inspirational and also great to see how a once graphic designer blossomed his career into an award winning, world renowned exhibit designer. The conference room was littered with dozens of awards, too many for a table to hold. Some were just being used as paper weights on the center table. Ridiculous. Also the magnitude of his projects were equally intense.

Design is about solving problems, whether graphic, product or exhibit. This is what we most focus on, solving the problem of putting together the annual DAI show with a limited amount of resources. I really liked his thrifty exhibits that used mylar with lights and also the walls made out of textile materials with holes cut in them to allow viewing through the other side. Also the spiral exhibit of the tiles was inspiring as well as the one for the airlines with hundreds of photos hung from the ceiling.

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