Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stream logo Sat. 2-28-09

I prefer the first in sherwin's variations (top-left). The tagline needs to be more legible. Micah's is cool but I worry about it holding up in all the applications. I am posting them so we can reply in the blog if necessary and also to keep a record. Somebody mentioned we should display our work (the class) in the exhibit. Somebody else said there should be a section about the class. Maybe it should be a display of all the work (process) that it takes to do the exhibit, from all perspectives: graphics, 3D, and organization. Send more, if any...


  1. I prefer the one on the top left as well. The discontinuity in the S, T, and E seems a little strange to me, though. I feel like the break in the A and M gives the desired effect (Stream lookin?) in itself, and the S, T, and E don't add much.

    Here's a suggestion:

    But yeah, just a criticism for criticism's sake. Maybe at this point it's better to just say, "Yeah, that's cool!"?

  2. i don't like any of those. The 20 kills everything. But I like the last one though...there's something to it. but I'm not sure if I like the font and the black color (...) it looks too simple of logo with the first letters (STRE..).

    I bought an album not long ago, it reminds it me of it (...)


    If we use this "splashing painting touch" it could look good and maybe the 20 could be worked with the "splashing effect"...