Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 6, Mauk Design

     Last visit at Mauk Design was quit an experience. The small office with big projects got my attention. The owner, Mitchell Mauk, gave good presentation about some of his past and ongoing projects in exhibition, graphics, products and even logo design. he told us about his opinion that a good designer has to be able to design anything, and that's what I believe too.
     In my opinion, Mauk design is the place that brilliant ideas meet the most effective solutions and bring the big projects to the end. Since my emphasis is exhibition designing, this visit was really inspiring for me. Everything from sketch models to pictures and models of finished projects were exciting. The project that got my attention was the MacDonald's innovation exhibit in its worldwide convention. The dazzling idea of using inexpensive and simple materials to make that huge and beautiful exhibition, was admiring. It also taught me that with smart use of materials and budget, you could come up with the finest design that can compete with the best of its own kind. 

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