Thursday, February 26, 2009

Project 5: Exhibit Example Board & Exhibit Mood Board (Connie)

Exhibit Example Board (Research)
Exhibit Mood Board (Environments)

Project 5

(Exhibit Example Board & Exhibit Mood Board)

The Exhibit Example Board and the Exhibit Mood Board are from researched images of existing exhibits and environments that I find genuinely interesting. The tabloid collages of exhibits and other environments communicate my concepts and ideas of what the exhibit should look and feel like.

The exhibit’s experience should have meaning and purpose with the objective to communicate the feel and look of “Streams”. “Streams” should covey the special combinations of SFSU's Design and Industry’s 20th anniversary event party celebration and the symbolic flow of the beautiful environment’s natural nature in industrial design. It should be successful executed in an artistically creative way, with a unique, intriguing, elegant, classy, and fun design that is well organized, uncluttered, comfortable, safe, clean, green, and environmentally friendly.

The Exhibit Example Board and the Exhibit Mood Board inspirations and visions that compliment and expand on the imagery are all made possible thanks to the sources of Mauk Design, West Office Exhibition Design, and others. All their design works are extremely impressive and inspirational to our 20th Annual Design Exhibition Show of Students Work “Stream”.

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