Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 2: Mood Board & Project 3a: Logo Sketches

My image choices for my Mood board (collage of images evoking and representing the main name and concept for the exhibit) are creative, artistic, stream, sustainability, green, design, process, growth, time, nature, grass, flowers, life, lively, energetic, adventure, elaborate, vibrant, colors, cosmic, free flow, style, curves, streamers, balloons, treats, candy, cake, fun, party, celebration, happy, wow, euphoria, wink, flow, and Art Deco.

My Logo Sketch concepts from my sketchbook explores the main name and concept of the naturally beautiful flow of line curves that explore the artistically creative vocabulary word "Stream". The sketches are playful with the stream and streamer idea and concepts of different ways to creatively combine the logo type and symbol together as one.

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