Monday, February 2, 2009

Sherwin David - Project 1: MetroPark

Metro Park is hip clothing store that caters to young adults. Along with decorations, graphics, furnishings and lighting, the store utilizes just about each and every single space available for the products they sell. 

The store can be divided into five sections: women's clothing, men's, sales/discounted, checkout and the fitting room. The men's clothing section is on the left side of the store while the women's take up the right side. Both sections take up the store's entire floor space, stretching from the front of the store all the way to back which leads to merchandise that are on sale and the fitting room. 

The overall lighting and ambiance of the store is reflective of the lifestyle the store caters to. With large glass doors and windows, the store is rather inviting.  Three huge cylindrical lamp shades line up across the ceiling creating a soft lighting, while spotlights highlight featured clothing on mannequins. 

I thought that the overall set up or presentation of the store was rather good despite a couple of problematic areas. The flow, access and adjacency is very good. the set up draws customers into the store because they must walk from the front all the way to the back in order to see the selection of merchandise the store carries. Appropriately, new merchandise are displayed prominently in the front, while older ones get pushed back towards the back next to merchandise on sale or are discounted.

Besides being somewhat dark, I thought that the store was a bit overcrowded with clothes. The dark furnishing did not aid in opening or brighting up the store. Despite being overcrowded, the store felt full and complete. Jack Adams Hall is a huge space and I feel that one of the challenges in the process of realizing the exhibit is being able to utilize the space as cleanly and as efficiently as possible.

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