Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marion G. Project I : GAP Clothing

On the field trip to stonestown I chose to do my research on the GAP. When doing my sketches my attention was drawn to its simplistic floor plan. It had a museum feel to its decor. All of the display table and shelves were designed to maximize space. Anyone who walked into the store would not get lost in an abundance of merchandise that is hard to choose from. The latest arrivals were on tables at the front of the store and this would attract customers passing by looking through the large glass front windows. The front windows allowed people to see mannequins wearing new clothing. As I continued to sketch the interior I noticed there was only one shoe storage container. Its measurement was 4 feet high and 4 feet in length. This was odd because I didn’t see any shoes on display. The container was neat but didn’t look like it belonged there. This was one item on my floor plan and bubble diagrams I numbered as insignificant.

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