Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 1: Jennifer Lee..Lupicia Fresh Tea..

I went to Lupicia Fresh Tea at Stonestown Mall. The store is long and rectangular and about 22 by 70 feet. The floor and wall of the store is all wood and the ceiling is white with a smooth texture. The colors in the store were very earthy with browns and dark green (signage) giving the store a peaceful feeling. There was a lot of lighting around the whole store on the ceiling. The shelves are parallel to one another and the counters displaying the tea aligned with the register counter. The circulation of the store is going one way or the other in a circular direction depending on what side of the wall you’re interested in looking at first. The window displays didn’t show anything and there was some dead space as well. When first looking at the store from the outside, it’s very symmetrical and when you look inside, it has narrow space inside a long rectangle. The store felt really cluttered because there wasn’t enough space and the dead space in the store wasn’t really usable either because it’s in the corner to your left when you first walk in and there’s nothing to look at over there. Also, when you first step in there are two tea sample display tables right there so walking space to get to the rest of the store was pretty annoying, especially if you’re carrying things. Even though the store gives you a mellow feeling, you can’t stay in there too long without feeling claustrophobic. The teas smelled nice though. As for our exhibition coming up, lighting and signage is important, including space so you don’t feel so crammed.

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