Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 1: Elsa Huerta, Stonestown, Apple

The visual aspect of the Mac store was very simple. The flow of the store started from the right, just like a roadway, and moved around with the outgoing flow on the left hand side of the store. All of the older products, such as the usual laptops and whatnot were in the front of the store near the 'flare'(which consisted of two banners that were delicately hanging from the ceiling. In the center area of the store were the smaller items such as the ipods, and the itouches and the iphones. These were well situated because since all the children who did frequent the store that day were all transfixed on these items and it kept them in the view of their parents and away from the front entrance. The easier to steal items were all in the back of the store, which was inhabited by many employees.

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