Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two things truly amazed me about
Mauk Design. The first one was the magnitude of the projects they
have undertaken and successfully delivered. Exhibitions such as
the PSP and Intel seemed quite intimidating to me and I could
not picture myself(yet) to commit to such a project. Not to
undermine the rest of the shows they put up, I want to say
that they did a very considerate and creative job as far as
client needs and available resources are concerned. The second thing
that amazed me was the size of the company. Not the size of the
building it was housed, but the size of the workforce there. With
one main "creative director" if you will, and two employees/interns,
Mauk Design takes full advantage of the phrase "less is more", showcasing
excellent communication between management and employees, as well
as a great ability to master tasks and time.

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