Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 1


This is my general sketch for the layout of the H&M store at Stonestown. It was a bit intimidating at first because of the shape of the store is very different from other ones. I never thought about how interesting their layout was. I did my best to get all the angles. I think this can help us understand the space at Jack Adams Hall because it is also a strangely shaped area. I only drew out the main part of the store. There is an additional "young adult" section on the left side of the store, but it was similar to the main part so I didn't draw it.

The most interesting part of the store to me was the central lighting board in the middle of the main part of the store. It was hung a bit lower than the ceiling, and it has various moveable lights built inside it. They hung metal clothing racks from this and focused the lights on the clothing or mannequins that were underneath it. I thought this was a simple yet visually interesting way to display their clothing.

They had these metal tables throughout the store that were places in various configurations (sort of like Tetris style) to put clothing on. These seemed like an easy and practical way to display items that people might want to walk around.

Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone before the manager yelled at us:

I have always liked H&M because of how industrial and modern their stores look. All their displays are very angular, even their mannequins. They only have a black, grey, white, and metallic color pallette and they stick with it all year round. It displays the clothing very well and it is always undoubtedly H&M. I have been to various other H&M's around the US and in Europe, and they all keep the same look. Most stores in Europe look like this, but it looks different when it is in a US setting. It gives the shopper a feeling of shopping in a hip European store.

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