Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6: Field Trip to Mauk Design
DAI 524
Lena Nakonsut
February 24, 2010

Mauk Design was a great experience. Mitchell Mauk was a great inspiration to the exhibit design field. I love how the place was so small but they do such big projects. Walking into the lobby and into the guest room, seeing all there awards that they won just amazed me. All the examples he showed us were very simple, and I know with exhibit design it can get a bit hectic and sometimes almost to the point they you don’t even know what the exhibit is about anymore. I like how we mentioned that even though he would do three booths at one single trade show they would al be different. But they way they would all be the same was that they all featured the product with simplicity.

I also loved the office space. It was so sleek and clean. I love offices like that, very clean and bare, because you don’t focus on all the jumble you just focus on the design at hand.

What I gained from this field Trip experience is that exhibit aren’t done well if they are all just for show, You want to get your product across, and in our case we want it to showcase the students work. Sometimes being overly designed can ruin the whole exhibit. I think simple is always the way to go; less is always more.

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