Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design - Alfred Velasco

Since I was unable to attend the Mauk field trip, this post/response derives from just looking at the Mauk design website. Anyways, the website itself, is something that we can implement or adopt if we are designing a website for In Pulse. The website is simple, easy to navigate, and contains many images to show the highlights and features of the current exhibit. The gallery is easy to view and also contains a pop up side scroll (which i liked) to easily view all and choose photos to look at. From the exhibit, I was very fond of the "Marble Regions of Italy" display. All it contains is a series sample marbles that is mounted in a spiral. This looks like a simple setup, yet looks appealing. Since we are on a budget, and are trying to spend the least money, I think adopting something like this would really benefit us. We can find a way to use a similar mounting setup such as the marble display at Mauk. Or we can just have our displays hanging instead of mounting. Something simple but appealing is what I am assuming we are shooting for. I also liked the shelves display. We can find a way to reduce the amount of material of these shelves, yet still have the capacity to carry the same amount of material would be a great idea. That way, we can display any standing items that will be featured in our exhibit. I don't know, but this is just a thought.

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