Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 1

Bath and Body Works:

This project was very interesting for me because while I am used to walk into stores and look at the typography and label design on the products, I am not used to looking at details in the layout of the store at all. When I walk into a store, I sense the type of atmosphere that it is trying to give off with it's layout and decor, but I never look at the details that create that mood. I was very interested in taking apart a store layout like that because it is fun to see how a few simple elements create the entire feel of a space.
Here's what I noticed about the store:
Bath and Body works uses lighting, materials, and layout in their stores to make their store look like a spa. When you enter the store, you find yourself in a very clean-looking, relaxed but still fun environment. The floors in the first section are marble and the walls are all white. The walls are covered with shelves of bath products and the tables in the front of the stores are stacked with hand soaps-the promotional items this week. The white shelving is illuminated by track lighting -also white- and color-coordinated to make attractive color patterns on the shelves. Overall, the entire store is lit by track lighting on the edges and recessed lighting throughout the center of each room. There is a wood-panel border above all the shelving that is painted white and that gives off a “country bath” feel, which I believe is left over from a few years back when the store identity was had more of a rustic countryside feel than the cool new “spa” vibe that it gives off today.

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