Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mauk Design Summary

The field trip to Mauk Designs was a fun experience. Listening to Mitchell and his assistants speak about the company gave me a better idea of Exhibit Design. The exhibits he showed in his presentation were very sleek and modern. I thought his design choices were amazing and really accentuated the products. As a team they were able to take the ideas of their own and the clients to really capture the audience. I thought that Mauk Designs Exhibit for PS2 was very well done. It really captured the “futuristic” digital feel and the white color scheme worked perfectly with the flashing lights and projections of the Play Station Graphics. Even the furniture tied into the theme, with the circular, transparent chairs that made the users experience “personal” while others could still see what games they were playing. They also had clear covers over stand up podiums with PS2’s built in. The furniture was uniquely distributed, again to make the experience “personal.” Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Mauk Designs and admire the work they do.

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