Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mauk Design trip - Mary's Take

(this is an image I took outside of their studio)

Project 6: Field Trip to Mauk Design
DAI 524
Mary H.
February 24, 2010

I really enjoyed our trip to Mauk Design because I have always wanted to look at small studios. I have only seen Frog Design studios so that was my image of what a design studio is like. I knew that Mauk was a small studio but I didn’t realize how small they were—only three people. I liked seeing the presentation because Mr. Mauk has done so much work when it all came from a small studio. I thought this was really amazing that one man can do so much. I thought it was neat that he was studying to be a graphic designer but he ended up in this field. I liked hearing his employees talk because they looked like they just graduated from college and are basically in the same shoes as we are. I was surprised that they were currently doing about 8 projects at once, because they are such a tiny company. But Mr. Mauk looks like he really knew how to handle different projects and how to get everything done on time.

After hearing him talk I became more interested in learning more about exhibit design. I never thought much about displays whenever I go into an exhibition space or even a store. Now, I am more aware and I like to see what each space has done to display their products and services.

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