Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 1

Of my findings within the Victoria Secret Store, the ongoing theme was beauty, sensuality, and femininity. There are several ways to begin your exploration to the store because the store is predominantly larger than in most stores. You can enter starting by looking at the "Pink" line, or check out their many fragrances and bath products by Victoria Secret, or start by finding what Victoria Secret is known for, which is their lingerie. The lighting in the building is simple and repetitive in each room. They use a light track which angles it's way to each of their most popular products. Their color scheme is mainly pink and red (feminine colors). Their presentation of each product is displayed on the mannequin or displayed as if they were in a drawer at home. Although, the front display upon entering is lacking and very dull, within the store, the possibilities of finding what you can get whether in sleepwear or outwear are endless. I did feel at some point in walking around the store there were just too many things to put in the store. Victoria Secret is a good example on sectioning different things within different parts of the room but I feel that in general within Victoria Secret the products for women are endless.

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