Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6, Mauk Design Field Trip

Project 6
Mauk Design Field Trip
Maggie Lee

The Mauk Design Field Trip is quite an experience. I was amazed that such a small studio could handle so many huge projects and got so many awards.

Mitchell Mauk has mentioned that:

• “Good designers are able to design anything.”
• "Use the minimum materials to get the message across."
• "The key to the solution is the idea not how much structure it needs."

If we want to be a good designer, we need to keep all of the above important points in mind. It's true that good designers need to have the solutions to any problems that the clients present to them. In addition, if we can use the least materials to get the idea across for the In-Pulse Exhibition, it will not only save money but also the production time. Less is more.

I like the O.C Tanner Exhibit for the Society of Human Resource Management. The designer uses the windmill, sun, sunflower, rain, and DNA symbols to convey "Human and their daily activities". It's simply but effective.

I also like the spiral trade show concept. It's extremely clever to use the design to control /direct how the audience would view the products. I think this is a key to any exhibition, and it's the only purpose of doing the exhibition–to expose all of the products to the audience. We will have a successful show if we can apply this concept into our exhibition project.

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