Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Group 5 – Valentine’s Day Event - MASSAQUERADE

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Our Valentine’s Day Party takes a different Approach to the conventional “Valentine’s Day” Party. The party event is called Massaquerade, a Massacre Masquerade Ball. Basically it is a Singles Mixer, for those who are single, or portraying themselves as so. This Event is for those who want something a bit different than the typical Mushy Valentine’s Day party. Taking Place at the El Rio, on Saturday Friday the 13th, It is perfect setting for this bloody Valentine’s day party. There is one requirement for this Masquerade Ball, You must were a mask. If you choose not to wear one, you will not be allowed into the event. Having the masks on is a great way to mingle and meet your future Mr/Mrs. Right, or maybe, Mr/Mrs. Right now.

This Event will be bloody and all things wrong with Valentine’s Day. Basically, anything dark, bloody and out of the ordinary is associated with this party and anything can happen. The Tables and bar will be covered with Black and red Roses and the Bar will only serve Red themed Drinks (i.e Bloody Marys and . And if you choose do so, special music request may be allowed if you buy a drink for your person of interest. Thankfully, this event will only play real music, nothing streamed through an ipod. All the televisions in the house will be only play the best and only the best horror movies of all time. Contests will include, Date raffles, Best dressed awards, and many more dark and bloody games.

With in our times for the party, we start the first week, scouting for the event, and then we secure the venue. The next week we want to plan for a DJ and plan for the promotion materials (i.e design logo, send out guest invites, and plan for decorations). The next few weeks is all about designing, designing the floor space, sending out flyers, picking up decorations and figuring what goes where. The week before the event we will send out the promotion material and promote everywhere we can. February 12th we set up for the event and secure the space, then February 13th, the event goes up! We do plan for the next day for cleaning and making sure we receive our deposit for the space.

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