Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design Amanda Danihels

I really enjoyed visiting Mauk Design this last Thursday. I think their overall approach to exhibit design is extremely innovative and aesthetically pleasing in terms of the design. Their office provides a look inside their world and the daily work that goes into designing and developing an exhibit. All of their work was really creative and impressive. The use of materials, light, and space really inspired me for our own exhibit design. After getting the opportunity to look at the beginning stages of their designs to the final output, I felt overwhelmed with ideas for our own exhibit. One of the main constraints that we face in developing our design is accessibility to materials and budget constraints. However, it is still possible to mimic some of their applied design ideas. I really liked the use of lighting in their designs and how a simple light could be reflected and give a whole different and powering effect. I also thought it was really awesome that he used fabric for the Exhibit showcasing Italian Marble which is one of the images I have enclosed. Another idea I liked and am hoping we can apply to our exhibit is having something hanging from the ceiling and perhaps playing off of the lighting to create a much larger effect in a simpler way. Overall, great field trip and an amazing company.

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