Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 1

Photo by: Laura Munos

A: Location of Swarovski

Swarovski is a small crystal shop, which is located on the second floor of Stonestown Galleria Mall, at 3251 20th Ave in San Francisco. The size of the store is about 24’ X 18’. The entrance is about 6’ wide. The storefront signage is above the door in a rectangular format with the white type on background. The main color of the store is mostly in orange-red and some black. The space between the wall display cases and the counter is a little tight when two persons are standing back-to-back. The display cases have the glass/transparency windows for visibility and protection purpose. The traffic can be flowed to the right or left depending on the habit of the visitors. But, placed the 24” X 36” poster on the left hand side of the entrance might be the first thing that the store wants their customers to see when they ‘re entering the store or the poster might function as a traffic director. The circulation might start from the right then exit from the left because of the poster’s placement. The poster stand is simple and easy to build. Extended two sides of the frame to create the legs for the stand. Attaching the horizontal bars on the bottom of these legs to keep the poster stand and sturdy. The two larger size posters and the lighting system are hanging with the silver wires. Both of these posters can be used as the attention getters. They are easy to see from a distance. That’s an easy way to display the artwork with the little use of materials. The flower-like petal counters are very unique. The shapes of the counters add the soft and feminine look and feel to the store and their products. The pattern can also convey the message of the store since their target audience is mostly woman. The cool circular format lighting system on the ceiling above these counters looks like the stars in the sky. Overall, the display of the store is simple, clean, organized, contemporary and unique.

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