Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Austin Mitchell

Project 6
Austin Mitchell

Simplicity- One of the most important things Mitchell Mauk discussed was the concept of simplicity in exhibit design. He said that it is important to think about what the minimum amount of materials would be to get the job done. Although a few of his exhibits were more complex architecturally, this is not always nessecary, as seen in the example above. You also must think about what it is that your are trying to communicate about a product or company and focus on communicating that clearly to the viewer.

Diversity- Although it seems to be his primary concentration, Mitchell Mauk does not limit himself to only exhibit design. He was also working on airport signs, a Burning Man car, and wine bottles for his friends' winery. I think it is important for designers to be able to design in a wide variety of categories.

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