Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design Maria Alvarez

           This was my first time visiting an actual design firm and was fascinated by the structure and the work environment at Mauk Designs. I found that Mitchell’s presentation was very informative and it gave me a strong idea of how to succeed in this kind of industry.
            I was amazed when he mentioned one of his works, which is a blown up display of the Photoshop swatch palette at Adobe. I thought it was a brilliant idea because it provided the company a visual identity. The building seemed kind of plain and the swatch palette simply added more character and color.
Mitchell pointed out a car model that one of his associates designed. He says that his associate is planning to build that car for Burning Man. I would love to see that car model come to life. From what I’ve heard and seen, there’s a lot of art at this event so I think people would enjoy seeing that car.
            Overall, I had a great time visiting Mauk Designs and hearing Mitchell’s presentation and seeing some of his work. I was definitely inspired.

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