Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project 6 Mauk Design Ryan Nunez

Seeing Mauk Design’s exterior I thought it be a big company with at least 30 or 40 people inside. The glass windows / walls of the front made the area look bigger than it actually was. Sitting in the chairs of the waiting /conference room I felt that I was at a place that made thoughts into reality. After we were taken back to the area where the modeling and 2 computers were and I saw how small the firm was I thought how this little firm could turn out so much, with only 3 employees. It was at this point where Mr. Mauk, the owner started talking about their projects that the firm was working on. He spoke of listening to what the client requested in their exhibit. To not let your ego as a designer get in the way. Prioritizing projects and constantly multitasking was also something that was of good information. Even though I’m on the logistics team for our exhibits class I learned to pay attention to everything that’s happening around you. Pay attention to the graphic designer, pay attention to the structure team members. Formulate and finalize an idea in the beginning and make sure that they follow through to the end.

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