Tuesday, March 2, 2010

West Office Trip - Brian Hoey

The trip to West Office was really interesting. The layout of their office is what I had invasion a design firm to look like. It was interesting to hear that the arrangement of the office was so that members of the project can talk with each other easily. Each of the office cubicles are interchangeable to allow the designers to work next to each other. It was also interesting to hear how they even sometimes act as an agent for the client to make sure they get the best quality for the money that they are paying. Even after they find a company to build the project, they are constantly in communication with the engineer to make sure every little detail is done correctly. It was also crazy to hear that some of these projects can take a couple of years to design. One of my favorite parts about the field trip was seeing the mock up models of the exhibits. I learned that the mock up models play a big part in helping fund money for the project. I think for our exhibit we should keep the communication between the teams strong so we know what direction we are going. We can also show possible funders the mock up so they can get an idea of what the exhibit will look like.

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