Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project 7 West Office Maria Alvarez

I had a great time at our visit to West Office Design in Oakland. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the office and the people seemed very focused in this kind of environment. Their office was very clean and the displays were neatly set up. All their sketches and ideations were perfectly aligned on the wall.  The presentation was enlightening. It was good to see their approach at design process and the development of their projects. They work in project teams; a graphic designer, exhibit developer, researcher writer, and a multimedia designer all associated on a project. They do a fair amount of modeling much like an architecture firm. They have a position called the exhibit developer. This particular position entails someone typically with an education or museum background. They’re the people that really are the brain trust of their office. They are the ones that research the content and synthesize it for the designer to some degrees. As a result, they ultimately specialize in interactive museums, cultural centers and corporate exhibits.
One of my favorite displays was the visitor center for Levi Strauss. It was very colorful and dynamic and good use of open space. The letters that included stories from fans to Levi was pretty cool to see as well. 

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