Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project 7 West Office Exhibition Design

Process Books & Models

Working Area

Guangdong Science Center_Model

Guangdong Science Center_Rendering

West Office Exhibition Design is a design firm that specializes in museums and interactive science exhibits. The studio consists of designers from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Visiting WOED was quite an experience. I like the spacious open environment of the office. It not only provides an extra space for breathing but also for creativity. This is the type of company that I would like to work for or to have in the future. I enjoyed Steve Wiersema's presentation and Mark Elliott's company tour. It was very informative and insightful. I was impressed that the firm would be able to design and develop each unique product to meet their clients' expectations. I like how the WOED In-house project teams take things seriously and work closely together from master planning to installation supervision. Hopefully, we will have a similar experience in our class.

I was excited to learn that the firm is working on the Guangdong Science Center project right now. It will be the largest science center in the world when complete. I like the simple, clean, futuristic look and feel of the design. The exhibition will include the human body, medicine and health and, perception and thinking. I can't wait to see/visit the finished product.

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