Monday, March 15, 2010

IN P U L S E Postcard

This is a postcard layout idea for the show. I used imagery of a jelly fish to represent the motion of "pulsating". I then layered the same image to create a blur effect.

I know we were specifically advised to not alter the colors on the gradient bar of the logo but on the front cover I knocked it out all together because it looked cleaner than using the color or b&w logo. I also masked the imagery in the back logo so the postcard would tie together. If this is a problem I can swap in the color logo.


  1. I LOVE the knockout.
    not sure about the jellyfish imagery....but the colors look good.

  2. Ya I agree. The whole reason I wanted to use jelly fish was because they pulsate and represent it but didn't want it to be so necessarily obvious it's jelly fish.....

    so i'll try different imagery so it's not apparent it's jellyfish.

  3. I'll figure out a place to put all the scanned images from the negatives online. maybe we can incorporate those in somehow since the history aspect of the show is new.

  4. Ya that would be great. If you don't get to it tonight I could get the photos tomorrow in class and edit the postcard then.