Monday, March 1, 2010

Project 7 West Office Amanda Danihels

After visiting the West Office Design Firm in Oakland I was really in awe of the multitude of their exhibit designs. Seeing as they specialize in designing museum exhibits I was naturally blown away by the scope of their work. Museum exhibits are always a marvelous wonder to me and I often find myself pondering how they came up with the exhibits and how on earth were they actually implemented. Being able to get a behind the scenes look at how these museums and west office reach their ultimate goal. Museums house timeless and classic works of art and at West Office they properly represent this notion with their exhibits. Each exhibit we viewed offers so much interaction and education on various levels of interest. I was really impressed by the Las Vegas Springs Preserve exhibition they designed because of how large it was and the fact that they were able to work with such a large space and still make it completely aesthetic and functional. I liked that they worked with all different kinds of museums and exhibits and thought it was funny that there is actually a museum for Cowgirls. I also couldn't believe how much time they put into a single project and was shocked when they told us that the Robert Mondavi Museum took fifteen years to create. I really liked the design of their offices and the open feeling it had. It seemed like a really good environment for creating and implementing ideas. Everyone who worked there seemed really driven and laid back. It was an awesome firm to be able to visit and it seemed like a dream to be able to work there

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