Thursday, March 4, 2010



  1. I really like these as designs, maybe even the best. The only thing is all they remind me of is music and speakers. These seem like they fit the rhythm theme best. The color ones are very intriguing. There isn't a pure black one on there either, grey is sadly a color. They look like Tyler's designs. Good job Maria

  2. This design can work well with structures and a bunch of graphic ideas

    I vote for this one

  3. I agree that this is a good design, but it looks like a corporate company, like a sound system company. The graphic just seems too "placed" next to the text. Like this graphic is a visual of the wording(as if its there to represent the text)....rather than having them tie together, intertwine.

    I think it is good but doesn't work for the exhibit.

  4. The box designs are solid, but I agree that it has a corporate look to it. It uses grey, but given the angles of the rectangles, it should still work if changed to pure black and white.

    v. 3 is probably the most successful variation of this design. The longer rectangle would also work with the text alongside it, rather than below.